Meronpan + Stuff

Every weeaboo has to try making meronpan at one point or another. In fact I’ve tried it three times now. The first time we had an awful recipe, the second time I’ve tried making the recipe better (which didn’t help) and this time it looks like we’re on the right track.

We’ve used Wild Yeast’s recipe – if you want to try it yourself we can definitely recommend it.

No “work in progress” pictures as usual because we were too lazy. It was all rushed anyway, we also forgot putting in the 50 g BUTTER into the bread dough.

Remember to make the cuts deeper.

Sadly no picture of the bread inside. It was surprisingly fluffy inside and crispy outside.

Also make more cookie dough next time.

As you can see more practice would be appropriate.


Today’s loot (no extra post because it’s so small):

Idea for another wall display: otaku and geek drinks! (Although we have NO space on the walls left in this room..)


And I lol’d at this (this is the amount of caffeine in Mountain Dew). Fluid ounces what the heck..

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