1/8 GSC Inaba Yui

The latest addition to my figure collection is Inaba Yui from eroge Flyable Hearts, 1/8 scale made by Good Smile Company. Figure renditions of less popular works of Ito Noizi are few and far between so I was convinced in an instant when she was for sale. A figure of an image of my favorite artist? Yes please!

Her prototype pictures were impressive and although you can’t compare my amateur pictures to those, the final product is not quite as good as the prototype (usually GSC does a pretty good job..). But I got her from the bargain bin so what can I say..

Let’s start by taking a look at the package first.

Very befitting of Yui, an all pink package xD. I know 1/8 is small but it always surprises me HOW small it is.

The original image.

“Let me out!”

Yui doesn’t look good from every angle. I’m currently having her displayed a bit above eye level so I’m looking at her from below and she looks weird like that (might have to reposition her later..).

If you can see her face clearly, the position is good.

I had trouble fitting in that metal peg (also thumbs up for a metal one!) but that’s just me being scared of breaking things. It’s a good thing figures today are able to have stands like that without leaning. I hope she lasts me some years without doing that.

I don’t think I’m someone who looks for faults even if they aren’t any. However a few even caught my eye 🙁

Her golden chain (badly visible here.. sorry) is a metal one too, I love the little details on the back 🙂

Now onto the flaws. I don’t think I have to point them out here. :<

Some bit of paint missing on her ribbon.

On her hair too.

Obligatory panty shot. I fact I just wanted to show you how bad the painting is on her panties but you can’t see them very well here.

When you look at her from behind her panties are totally visible. But if you think about she’s from an eroge it makes sense. Not that there would be any reason to display her from behind.

Love Noizi’s clothing designs.

Maybe they could’ve put gloss varnish over the donuts icing.

I like her base a lot, it’s not so simple to be boring and not so flashy to take away the attention of the figure.

Figure beside it’s original picture.

Also Yui is my first castoff figure (which I always try to avoid). You can only remove her skirt however.

And she looks so weird without it.

Double antennae!

Yui was sculpted pretty accurate to the original and looks just like she jumped out of the illustration. There may be a few painting and casting flaws but they don’t take away from her overall positive impression. Seems like GSC has a thing for shiny overknees (they pour gloss all over them) but not to the level of their Senjougahara. The castoff feature is also totally useless, I believe not even panty fans would like to display her that way (look at the pictures..). I’m happy her face looks exactly the way as it does in the prototype images. There have been numerous times where I have been disappointed from actual product images which scared the hell out of me because of the way their faces looked (and they looked perfectly fine in the prototype).

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