Say hi to the KanojoFrame!

Hi and welcome to a new full fledged (i at least hope so) tutorial to hack together a fast-switch picture frame, our so-called “KanojoFrame”. As i must admit the idea is not fully genuinely ours, we designed and built it with the moo-frame from the excellent business-card supplier Moo Mosaic-Frame.

The idea is to have a frame thats front glass plate is dismount- and mountable in the glimpse of a eye thus allowing to change the contents without too much of a hassle. The other aspect is that the whole content of the frame is made up of a mosaic of mini-pictures framed by small but thick cardboard frames. You can then use cardboard spacer to lay the small framed image-“cards” ( are half business cards, ours are roughly creditcard-size) out in every way you want to create a nice compilation of the works displayed!

The frame itself is quite flat, 6mm without glass, rougly 8.5mm with the glass front attached. The glass it held by a couple of strong rare-earth magnets and sits very tight, so no worries about falling glass. The inner frame can hold around 7*3(=21) of our cardboard-mini-frames, but … see for yourself! And if you feel like it, make one yourself….

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Menger Sponge Paper Model WIP

I always forget this camera doesn’t rotate the images right. Now I’m too lazy to upload it again (I’ll try to remember to do it in the future..)! Tilt your head for the time being or something..

Goal: Level 3 Menger sponge. The only level that is a challenge and not impossible for a single person.

I’ve done a tenth of it now, not following any color pattern at all (if you do, it probably will turn out prettier). Overall it’s made of 20*400 little cubes – a little tutorial on how to connect them will follow below.

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