Menger Sponge Paper Model WIP

I always forget this camera doesn’t rotate the images right. Now I’m too lazy to upload it again (I’ll try to remember to do it in the future..)! Tilt your head for the time being or something..

Goal: Level 3 Menger sponge. The only level that is a challenge and not impossible for a single person.

I’ve done a tenth of it now, not following any color pattern at all (if you do, it probably will turn out prettier). Overall it’s made of 20*400 little cubes – a little tutorial on how to connect them will follow below.

The thicker your cardboard, the sturdier your Menger sponge will become. 270 g/m² paper is awesome.

Here’s where I keep the little paper pieces.

I’ve build a template piece for marking the paper for cutting.

Tools I need when building the cube. There are a few places which are hard to reach with your hands (hence the tweezers).

This is the very basic piece. 1.5 cm x 3 cm in size. You can make them bigger or smaller but the ratio works pretty well.

To prepare them for folding, take two of them and try to align them like so.

Fold the flaps of the front piece behind.

And fold the flaps of the back piece to the front. Separate the pieces.

To build the basic cube, here’s the tutorial I used. Anyhow here’s a bunch of pictures how to attach a new cube.

Sides which aren’t connected to more cubes need to be closed with an additional paper piece.

I like to crease one flap to make attaching it easier. Cutting the flap a little on the side will also help.

Push one flap in.

And the other one.


You will need approx. 500 sheets of DIN A4 paper and LOTS of time.

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