New HiFirama, Black Beauty

Yay for another cool HiFi Project – a mini-monitor using the MarkAudio “cheapo Series”, CHR-70 which benifits from the design- and production experience MarkAudio has from it’s larger brothers but is made with budget considerations in mind – so in short it’s a modern, well-designed and manufactured “mid-budget” speaker which performs just great! The cases are Teak-veneered MDF, the design is a GHP (“Geschlossen mit HochPass” -> Closed with HighPass Cap) design from a HiFi-Forum (german board) member which was influenced by the “GHP” concept of a german HiFi-magazine…

As it’s a one-chassis design the construction was as easy as possible. Although i’ve left a little space beneath at the bottom for future activation using a small (class-d?) amp. The MDF Cases were veneered using quality Teak-veneer and then etched: Front dark reddish-brown, Rest dark black. Oiled (using maple oil) and sanded multiple times up to 600Grit they have a wonderful feel to them.

The sound is just as convincing as the exterieur: For such a small broadband driver in a closed box they perform just great! The GHP design allows a clear and detailed play over the full spectrum and i was really astonished when i heared them play Niels-Henning-Orsted-Petersons sweeped bass… I just wouldn’t believe that small broadband drivers would play bass on such a level in a *CLOSED* box … wow :). The suction-circuit does a nice job at flattening the rest. Although for a real and full highend (Oo) experience you really want to add a subwoofer and take a little load off those smallies…

All in all it was really worth the building time. The part that took longest was – as always -the finishing, but it was worth the nice looks and good fit into the existing cupboard-system.


Original Design

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