Meronpan + Stuff

Every weeaboo has to try making meronpan at one point or another. In fact I’ve tried it three times now. The first time we had an awful recipe, the second time I’ve tried making the recipe better (which didn’t help) and this time it looks like we’re on the right track.

We’ve used Wild Yeast’s recipe – if you want to try it yourself we can definitely recommend it.

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Mini Marshmallow Roasting + Touhou Fanbook Loot

In celebration of the new compact camera I will now announce to throw in mini posts containg loot or other useless stuff more frequently! We’re trying so hard to post tutorials and everything but that ends up in not posting for half a year at all!

To be honest, that was my first time roasting marshmallows. I’ve been told they catch fire quickly but boy do they burn well!

Does it look pathetic to you roasting tiny marshmallows with a toothpick on a tea candle? Yeah? It does to me too. Butthetinymarshmallowsarecute..

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