Custom Figure-Displays, Part I: Rakka Picture Frame

There are days where you just have to do some handicraft to finish the day in a nice way – so was today (and yesterday, but yesterday nothing worked, so fu yesterday, today worked out nice!). What we did is a – specifically our first – custom figure display. Its a kind of picture frame for a Rakka which lies cozily on a feather-bed.

The whole process of building this took about 4 hours, minus the first try which i fucked up. The main tool for building this was a router, together with a copy (jacket, tube, quill, don’t know the right english word, sorry. if you know what a router is you will know what i mean :P). With those we made a kind of stencil from a junk piece of wood. This was fastened on the actual piece of wood for the frame and – using the copy-whatever the hole was milled in the wood. The next step was sanding the top – which turned out to reveal the very ugly structure of lower layers of this low-end MPX-wood. NEVER AGAIN!. After some frustration, toying around with putty and more sanding i veneered this with some of the free quality veneer i got myself from a wholesaler. Then trimming/bevelling the edges, more sanding with very fine (400) paper, and there it goes! Rakka!

Sorry for the low picture quality – as i wanted to shoot the pics but i’m totally tired from the grinding.

Hope you got some ideas for your figure displays from this :).

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