Alto II – DIY HiFi getting more serious!

After i managed to write up the guide/documentation for the cheapo-tenöre yesterday i today want to post more of DIY speaker sweetness – a “Alto II (Variation)” – again a self-developed speaker by a HiFi-Forum member. It is – as you can see – a large floorstander with two Visaton chassis and the second speaker i ever built.

This is – by the way – not going to be a guide, as there are people who can do this far better than me with those more advanced speakers. Time comes, maybe sometime i’ll develop nice speakers myself 🙂 At least thats the plan. But for a picture-documentation – please read on!

Here comes the gallery with the build-doc-pictures:

The build was kind of hard since it was a first-timer for quality speakers. We had some problems getting the cutouts and counterbores for the chassis correct – theres still a little gap. Router handling is harder than we had thought.

Also we had some problems – we used filling primer and thought we wouldn’t have to use putty with that – big mistake, thats why the finish isn’t all that good.

Nonetheless those beasts weighting almost 50kg due to the sand in the lower compartment do sound real nice – and also look okay from as little as a 0.5m, but you don’t want to get closer due to the putty-ing issue :/.

For the record – here is the original documentation and measurements:

Hifi-Forum Site

Boxsim Site

Instructional PDF

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