Tenshi Hinanai 1/8 Sakura Zensen

Although the ones who collect PVCs are constantly enraged by the release of a few kits per year which are *really* outstanding and kit only (no PVC version), it makes a kit builder proud to own those. This one is such a kit, a very light and still dynamic pose and also a very impressive one despite the scale (because of the sword and the extraordinary base).

My third kit (okay, technically the fourth) and I feel I still have lots to learn. She’s a very fragile one, when assembled and it is one of those things I still have no idea how to do it better: how to glue on those crystals or small ribbons you can’t pin and make it STABLE. My painting has improved with a more bold approach to highlights and shadows (I used the awesome prototype pictures of Sakura Zensen as reference), an attempt to manipulating different gloss levels for different parts (with which I’m very pleased) and my first time being confronted with clear parts.

I got new tools this time around too (so still not there to having everything for building kits). new wire, a clear plexiglas base that won’t distract from the figure (you can’t see it because of the “clouds” but it’s pretty) and beautiful colored inks which work wonderful on clears. Thus, I am still furiously writing on the article for a full garage kit building tutorial but it lacks pictures and well, I’m not done yet. Time to tackle another kit! I bet there are still many mistakes to make and to avoid.

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  1. I love your paint job and have this kit as well. I\’m curious what you mean by \”manipulating gloss levels\” what type of effect does this help you create and maybe an example of where you used it on the kit? Thanks!

    • If you want the paint so be at least a little durable you need to coat every part. I used matte varnish and gloss varnish from different manufacturers and it worked well mixing them to create a light gloss effect (although visible in real life, you can\’t really see on the photos, the hair is slightly glossy and her shirt/upper dress is too) when needed.
      The boots are matte only and the hat (and her back ribbon) are gloss only.
      I believe using that technique make the finished figure more interesting, you need to coat anyway so using a little more effort doesn\’t hurt.
      Mastering the skin color (skin reflects light so differently compared to other materials) is a different problem which I tried when painting Tenshi but I\’m not there yet.

  2. Hello ^^ I watched your entry on E2046 forum and I was atonished!
    Im a begginer and im working on my second and third kit, but know anything about inks, colors, lights, mixes…xD
    Im looking foward your tutorial, it will be very instructive.
    Im writing a tutorial myself (basic skills) for a spanish blog so spanish ppl get started on the hobby aswell 🙂
    Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?



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