Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box, Take Two [NOW FOR SALE]

As some of you asked about whether those rubix cube tissue boxes which seem famous after a repeated appearance in a recent episode of “The Big-Bang Theory” were for sale we summed up all the components, added just a little for the time i’d work on it and unfortunatly it seemed like the price wasn’t very satisfying.

But we didn’t give up and started investigating new, cheaper methods of batch-building those nifty little tissue-cubes. Lucky for us we found a way using a well manufactured premade tissue box made from sturdy cardboard. The results can be seen here:

And now for the important things: We’ve done this and made this prototype to be able to offer you a bunch of those thingies. When making them in batch, using the premade boxes, spray-mount, quality adhesive plastic-sheet and colored paper sheets we could press the price as low as 18Eur. That is if we get at least 10 “orders”. Shipping would be europe-wide (and maybe others too, if not too pricey) for the standard “DHL Päckchen International” rates.

For those interested: The cube measures 12.5×12.5×12.5cm. Subtracting maybe 2-3mm wall thickness it still fits our originally used saubär tissue boxes. I do hope that similar designed (and sized) tissue boxes can be found anywhere…

To make things less messy, we have a dedicated shop page here now:

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5 thoughts on “Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box, Take Two [NOW FOR SALE]”

    • Sure! As long as the PayPal-Links are there and active, we do have them available. Just use the PayPal-Buttons and order some for you and all geek-friends ;P.

    • What do plan on doing to them? 🙂

      Yes, they are of cardboard, but made of multi-layer cardboard wrapped tightly with paper on both sides. If you do not deliberately press sides in at the very center, throw it around or so, it\’ll last. Ours has take quite some beating already, such as falling down from the table or higher, pressing too large tissue packs in by force, etc. – and it looks just good as it always did. They are a little prone to loosing their foil when you rub them TOO hard or slide over the surface with a hard/straight edge, but i cannot imagine any real-word scenario where that would happen.

      I hope i could answer your question. Feel free to ask again if not ;P


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