GSC Bakemonogatari – 1/8 Hanekawa Tsubasa

This is a special unboxing post because I forced NebuK to take the pictures for me this time. xp

I rarely preorder a figure these days but this was one I could not miss~.

I like those pictures with the blister still unopened. Hanekawa comes with a school desk and chair, plus her second shoe, an extra hair fringe part without cat ears, mobile and two metal etched glasses.

Okay, it’s not really difficult to figure out how to assemble her and I ignored the instructions. What I mean is, push the included pegs into her legs first, I did it wrong.

Stuff sticking out of the table!

Enjoy the pictures! I force walls of text out of my brain for my thesis every day, I have nothing left to say now.

Beautiful shading everywhere~

It’s a shame I never take my time to appreciate a figure. Most of the time I take it out of the box and put it inside a shelf. I have a shelf right above my desktop but it’s not the same as when there’s no glass between you and the figure.

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