GSC Snow Miku Nendoroid

My long awaited Snow Miku arrived today, brought by Enekoneko (thanks for proxy-ing for me ;A;!!). She was released back at WonFes Winter this year. Being a GSC Online Shop Exclusive, you had to pay a proxy to get her. At last, GSC’s own shop accepts international orders now as well.

The package is quite big… Yuki Miku doesn’t come with a lot of accessories but an ice tray is included which is taking up a lot of space.






I’m looking forward to trying out making ice cubes and whatnot. A Hatchune, a normal Miku, leek, some sort of sign, half-spheres with snowflake pattern.


The good think about all her accessories is: you can display a lot of them at once. Like her snowman, her scarf and her leek.

Just like Saber and HMO Miku, Snow Miku is “Super Moveable”. This basically means that she has additional joints on her arms and legs and her torso. Miku has a LOT of plastic wraps to avoid paint transfer which are hard to remove (I cut a few instead of taking her apart).

Okay, I can’t pose Nendoroids to save my life. So that’s why Miku will look very awkward in the following photos. But you get the idea. I’m mostly afraid their joints will get loose, and Nendos are usually really hard to get on their stands. I can either pose them and won’t be able to attach them on their stand while keeping the same pose. Or I can jam them into the stand and not pose them (or they’ll fall of the stand again). I have no idea how people can manage both.

“Hello, I can stand on my own using my twintails!” This is very similar to the original Miku Nendoroid.

Hatchune Snowman Miku. I tried to make the head come off but at some point I was scared to pull harder. I think it’s cute how the leek sticks out, I don’t know.

I’m obviously too much of an amateur to understand why Hatchune has to come with her own hairpiece. But I won’t complain, really.

Her usual headphones.. thing is also included but I will *never* remove those earmuffs, they just fit her a lot better.

I was just trying to make her stand on her own, alright?

No, she can’t really sit down. At least I tried.

I know you people are tired of translucent hair already. Snow Miku is really shiny all over, even the blue colors sparkle.



My Miku has a paint chip on her head. I guess GSC’s QC is not perfect.

I finally attached her on the stand.


Transparent leek!





Even though she is just another color variant (except for the scarf and her earmuffs), she really stands out from my Nendoroid collection. I’m glad I didn’t buy the first Snow Miku (yes, there’s more and from what I’ve read on GSC’s blog, they’ll release a new one next year too) which was just that, a recolor from the original Miku Nendoroid. I love the bright blue they used for the color non-shiny parts. She’ll be my color reference for a scaled GK Miku I’m about to build. You might not like Nendoroids that much, but you’ll probably like her.

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