GSC Touhou Project – Cirno

The second part of my August loot. Here comes No. 9 of the Touhou Nendoroid line. GSC doesn’t have any new ones announced so for now my collection is complete! They almost take up the space on one shelf by themselves.. I can fit another three but any more and I have to get creative. But it seems like this is not going to happen anytime soon.

Gallery behind the cut!

I know I always complain about the lack of accessories and Cirno’s no exception. At least GSC makes the Touhou Nendos themselves. Leaving Nendoroid releases to other companies has seldom worked out well (in particular the Taiga Nendoroid – they squeezed out three different releases, one with less extras than the other..).

Cirno comes with three faceplates, a matching base and some arm pieces, the usual stuff. And a frozen frog and an ice sword.

Oh God, look at that grinning face.. but it suits her well.

Her wings were hard to push into their sockets so I left them a bit loose.. her hair’s also gets in the way.

I think I have a few more of those angry faces… but the crying one is priceless!

You can display her floating in the air with the jointed base arm.

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  1. I don\’t like Touhou that much, but the nendos from GSC are always so cute :3
    She looks really nice and sweet!
    I like her colorsheme in blue and white and her cute faces!
    I wish I get some more nendos ;_;


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