Trepang Chen WIP

There’s not much to post right now, we are really busy studying for exams (yes, AGAIN!) and when we’re done for the day we don’t have much energy left. While our hobbies are on the back burner, I figured I could finally post the WIP pictures of Chen. I announced it when I posted Chen’s gallery and then somehow forgot.

Whenever I finish a GK I reget not having taken pictures but when I’m working on one, my hands are usually dirty and wet from resin, paint, putty or glue. I also get so absorbed in the work that I just don’t want to bother. But there’s so much to say when you’ve actually worked on a kit. Details you cannot spot when you decide to buy it on a website. So for the most part I have no WIPs at all but Chen got at least a few.

I’ve used the uncleaned parts as the header picture, so I won’t post it just here again. Chen has few parts that makes it all the easier to build.

Her cast is very good, despite the age of the kit, she gives few trouble to remove the pegs. I always say you can spot how good a cast is by looking at the hair strands. But then you usually have no chance to check it thoroughly without buying it.

Chen has only one major part to putty which is her dress. The dress is hard to pin because it’s thin so it broke multiple times when it fell down or when sanding.






This is a curious piece of the kit. It’s a piece of her hair, that goes between her faceplate and her back hair.

The pinning process. I think I wanted to use this for a tutorial? Oh whatever.




Touchups done by hand with a brush. If possible, I airbrush everything first.

I think her face turned out well.

My workspace looks like this when I hand-brush.

Heh, always wanted to do a picture like this. Makes it look like a pre-painted kit you can buy.

She was fun and fast to build. Definitely recommended.


  1. Very good recast from (details reproduced, good fitting)
  2. Few parts, might be suited for beginners


  1. Hard to pin the dress so prone to breaking at the seam.
  2. Hard to pin her tails, use a VERY strong glue
  3. Her left arm was bent a little which I didn’t notice, so she’s now holding her hat a little more far back than she should

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