Yuyuko Nendoroid

Saigyouji Yuyuko! My pictures don’t do her justice. For once, I won’t complain about the lack of accessories of a Touhou Nendoroid, because Yuyuko comes with a lot of extras. But I know the next one (Cirno) will be somewhat of a letdown again. Can’t help it, I want them all nevertheless ^^;

Package pictures:

I always love to take pictures of the blister package since you can see all accessories neatly arranged.

Her hat is huge! Thanks to the thing on the back, it hold better onto her head than e.g. Marisa’s hat does.

Awww~ look at that adorable face!

Her two extra expressions: smiling and a serious face.

She’s the first Touhou nendo to utilize the jointed stand. People dislike the hole on the back of the nendo that comes along with it but I don’t really mind.

Yuyuko is able to sit on her dress if you move her legs to the front. Most of her extras are the ghosts and butterflies which you can place beside her stand. Yuyuko herself comes with two bent arms and two hands holding fans.

I think her clothes come out great in SD.

She has a butterfly holding hand. There are two single butterflies with pegs that fit inside her hand or the two ghost things.

I adore her smiling face. The ghosts and butterflies have two separate stands, that can be attached to the border of Yuyuko’s stand.

That was my unpacking report of Good Smile Company’s Yuyuko 🙂 I usually pose a Nendoroid once and put her behind glass. ^^; Can’t really get used to playing with a poseable figure, but if I was, she’d be a lot of fun. xD

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