1/8 Steins; Gate Makise Kurisu (Kotobukiya)

My latest figure acquisition is Kotobukiya’s 1/8 scale Makise Kurisu from Steins; Gate which arrived this morning. I do feel a bit guilty for not having followed the series this season but it’s on my plan to watch list for later. I took a little more time for doing the photos and it wouldn’t be quite as bad if I wasn’t too lazy to iron the background o/ (I’ll do that next time).

How can people wait to take a photo of their monthly loot? Whenever a packet arrives I want to rip it open right away.

Her box is quite tall.


Her facial expression is somewhat indifferent.But it fits the original illustration, I actually like the figure more.







I have to admit that I bought this figure for its very special base. Of course you have to assemble it yourself and those gears lying around don’t look very impressive.. yet.

They sure put some effort into writing the instructions, the gears are enumerated but it is still hard to assemble.

Do like how her foot piece fits into the mold in the middle, very clever xD

The gears are elliptic but you can’t see that on the figure at all.

The gears all go on her legs somewhere.

I was afraid I’d break the pegs a few times in the process. You really don’t want to disassemble and assemble her often.




She does look like she’s sitting on those gears 🙂








Kurisu is not perfectly painted but there are no major flaws. I don’t really pay attention which manufacturer it is when I like a figure but Kotobukiya’s definitely on my top list.


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