Youmu Konpaku Nendoroid

Here’s some half-assed pictures of unpacking Youmu (still trying to figure out how to handle the camera and all). I was in hurry that day which didn’t help and I’m not very patient with blogging now (exam and paper deadline in a week! I’ve tried to push everything behind that date that could be delayed so workload is not gonna stop anytime soon). We actually have been trying out a lot of new things lately but we were mostly too lazy do document everything. Hopefully we can do that later sometime.





Not many extras as always. But I was delighted about her sword collection (didn’t think I’d get this many)! She comes with those angry mark stickers which I’ll probably never use. 




I thought I’d get an extra stand for Myon.


That’s how it’s supposed to be assembled (correct me if I’m wrong). 

Pair of swords that go on her back. 



It’s not very apparent here but you can either display her with her swords or with Myon. 🙁

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