Chun Plushie – more Mahjong madness!

Who doesn’t like a good hanpai in a starting hand? Who wouldn’t love a dora-kan in every hand? This article will help you getting the flow with a better starting hand – it will describe how to sew you own giant Mahjongg Tile Plushie (Chun)!

Please read on for a more detailed howto on how to sew one…

So, first is what you will need:

  • 1 Pcs: 34x40cm of white fluffy cloth
  • 1 Pcs: 34x40cm of green (or bamboo-ish brown) fluffly cloth
  • 2 Pcs: 34×9.5cm of the same white fluffy stuff
  • 2 Pcs: 34×9.5cm of the same green (or bamboo) stuff
  • 2 Pcs: 40×9.5cm … white? 🙂
  • 2 Pcs: 40×9.5cm … green/bamboo
  • 2 Pcs: 34x40cm of very stiff textile interfacing
  • 2 Pcs: 40x17cm of very stiff textile interfacing
  • 2 Pcs: 34x17cm of very stiff textile interfacing
  • 1 Pcs: ~30x35cm red felt
  • 1 Pcs: ~30x35cm double-sided-glue textile interfacing
  • A sewing machine
  • A good fabric-scissor

As always i will post the progress pictures from making the tile here, sub-texted with instructions what to do:

I’m quite pleased with the final result – especially the sides are as stiff as they should making the whole tile “box-y” enough to look good. A little drawback is that the thick textile interface make a “crumbling” / bending-cardboard-like noise when you rest your head on the tile, so it’s not a ideal pillow to sleep on.

As always – if you want detailed help, better measurements or more more detailed explaination somewhere, please mail in or leave a comment! Hope you enjoyed this one!

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  1. Woah, looks quite adorable… now let\’s make 135 more so we can play… counting-sticks not included :3


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