Reimu’s Hat

Okay so I bought this straw hat last summer for a few Euros. I’ve always wanted one but it looks kind of plain….

Time for hat modding! o/


Off with the old ribbon.

(For reference, that’s Reimu.)


Nice picture NebuK! Here are 1,33 m of red ribbon (width: 4 cm) and Tamiya masking tape! I love Tamiya tape, it’s so useful (not only for model kits as you can see)!


Awesome tape.


Pieces are prepared on the cutting mat.


Smother fabric paint onto the ribbon.


While we wait for it to dry, onto sewing the big ribbon.

I’ve skipped a few steps here (can you tell I wanted to get it over with?). Cut out a rectangular piece (width 20 cm, height 32 cm) and crease the white ribbon (width 2 cm), sew everything together on the wrong side.

This is what it looks like from the right side.


First check.. um.. doesn’t look that great yet.

We’re going to stiffen the ribbon with vlieseline. Cut off a piece as big as the inside of your ribbon and iron it on.


Almost. The bottom isn’t closed yet (because I needed a hole to turn it inside out).

Ironed and all. Same masking procedure as the small ribbon.


Lesson learned no 1: If you fabric color is thick enough you should peel off the masking tape when it’s still wet. It works better believe me.

Painting the dots.

Sew it onto the hat by hand.










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