Pocky The Review

Finally! We’re done with all the photo taking issues. As promised, here’s the review I’ve been wanting to write since I got that Pocky heap last Christmas! They’ve been lying around for so long…

Flavors are listed in no particular order. Unfortunately, I can’t claim this review to be complete. Glico has released so many different Pocky and it’s even harder to get everything outside Japan. Nevertheless, I’ve got quite a bunch and pretty pictures too 😉 (And I’ll make sure I add future Pocky additions to this review if I should ever get my hands on more.)

Pocky Chocolate

Ah.. the classic Pocky! If you don’t live in Japan, maybe you can find those around your place anyway (like we have them called “Mikado” in Germany). The Japanese ones feature slightly bitter chocolate (I personally like bitter chocolate more than milk chocolate) and is probably sweeter than anywhere else in the world. But if your chances of trying Pocky are limited, you should go for more extraordinary flavors 😉

Pocky Chocolate Super Thin

Okay, I don’t know how they really call this one but the heading pretty much discribes it. When you’re used to the normal Pocky size, these are super thin (and thus tend to break easily while inside the package). My insensitive taste fails to understand how this affects the flavor. It also features bitter chocolate.

Pocky Tropical

And again I don’t know with which name this flavor is actually promoted (maybe I should stop this, just assume I’m making up product names except for those who actually have English names). They have a bunch of fruit drawn on their package (cantaloupe, bananas, grapes, apple, orange, strawberry, raspberry.. and more) but the most distinct one is pineapple. You can surely taste more when you put up an effort. Let’s just say I like the overall fruity taste and the chocolate cover is especially thick!

Pocky Dessert Double Chocolate

The Pocky Dessert line-up have a thicker biscuit core and a (even thicker) chocolate cover. Double chocolate is its best example. It’s super chocolaty and crispy and you’ll notice how it melts in your mouth. As far as I can judge it, it’s pretty good chocolate. Yum!

Strawberry Pocky

Yay, artifical strawberry flavor! They use it everywhere so you most probably came across it. I like it but they have a different strawberry one in their line-up which is better. It’s pretty sweet also. Did I mention it’s pink?

Chocolate Banana Pocky

If you like bananas, you’ll love them (like me!). Chocolate matches every fruit but in my opinion it matches bananas especially well. It chocolate taste isn’t too strong while the banana flavor is pretty intense.

Pocky Milk Coffee

The best thing about this one is the cute cow on the front. I don’t like coffee but really, the coffee taste doesn’t stand out at all (ok, it’s supposed to be milk coffee anyway… milk with a generous dose of sugar and a single drop of coffee).

Pocky Men’s Bitter Chocolate

I don’t get what’s especially manly about these Pocky. Whatever.. They have a pretty bitter taste (they must’ve used some very dark chocolate), not my favorite but I’m not very manly either. The biscuit stands out a little too much.

Pocky Chocolate Crush Cocoa Cookie Crunch

Don’t they look yummy? Yes, I love those. They have cookies printed on the package but they don’t really remind me of cookies. It’s pretty good nevertheless! Aren’t too sweet, are slightly bitter and have that awesome crispy stuff thrown in. One of my favorites.

Pocky Strawberry (Revised?)

This second stawberry Pocky flavor is the leveled up one. Maybe it’s supposed to be strawberry milk or something because they taste very much alike. It must be the artifical strawberry flavor again but they have the added crispy things (those little darker dots) ! Whatever they might be made of they’re pretty good!

Milk Pocky

Tastes very much like milk coffee without the coffee part. I do like them although (again) they’re very sweet. Somehow I’m getting more and more lost for words in this review…

Pocky Dessert Tiramisu

Wait, I only have one picture of this one? Uh.. something went wrong. Anyways..

It’s a bit bitter and tastes pretty much like Tiramisu. It lacks a bit flavor on the cocoa side. Definitely a good choice.

Pocky Chocolate Crush Almond

Has a slight oily taste to it (what’s to expect from Pocky with almonds?). I do like the cookie one better but this has a decent amount of almonds thrown into milk chocolate which make it crunchy.

Pocky Dessert Hazelnut (?)

I can only guess they mean hazelnut (from the package) but they remind me more of coffee than of hazelnut. My least favorite of the dessert line-up but that’s not exactly bad. 😉

Oh no!

It happens we forgot the Winter Pocky 🙁 What a pity.. this review it one entry too short. But I hope you still enjoyed this review 😀

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