Itazura Neko Coin Bank

First seen on that the preorder was open for these coin banks on Strapya. I couldn’t resist getting one because the instant I saw this, I knew this is (and ever will be) the most awesome coin bank ever produced by mankind. You can still get it here :3 and it will make a great gift for children and adults alike.

Edit: They are again available at Strapya or at Play-Asia too!

They come in four versions.

It meows when you press the button, followed by rather loud machine noise until the cat comes out and grabs your coin, finished by another meow when it sinks back. Not many coin banks need batteries and I didn’t expect it would make sounds but it’s a nice surprise. xD The quality is satisfying but it may be too fragile to carry around since the top cover opens when you turn it upside down (don’t want to stress the joint too much). I couldn’t make the coins come out the wrong way with shaking it though (major plus!). And it’s bigger than I thought.

Sturdy box is sturdy. I'm very pleased with the package.

Yes, this is how a cat in a box should work!
Unboxed the box! In my opinion, the orange (tangerine?) box looks best.

Tiny speakers. The nya~ sound is adorable.
In action. But there's no coin to grab. Neko will come out anyway |D

Now placed at our kitchen, no one can resist pushing that button xD

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