Sudoh-Bucks Mug (svg inside)

Be awed by the Christmas present from roBernd we got 😀 (Thanks again! It’s great, I always use it when I’m in front of the computer which means.. a lot.) It’s the Sudoh-Bucks mug from ToraDora!. Unfortunately we dropped one 🙁 when it was still in it’s package. Hey, roBernd, if you’re on your way to make more, give us a call xD

It seems like there’s an official Sudoh-Bucks mug but the only thing I’ve found is a tumbler that you may still be able to order if you want. But it’s not the original mug the use in the series.

Because Sudoh-Bucks beats Starbucks anytime!

For everyone who wants to make this great merchandise: here’s the svg

Kindly provided by roBernd 🙂

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