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Mina, Model-Kit Diary

As figures are somehow fun and so is tinkering. So how about combining those two? "Garage Modelkits" offer you the (IMO) nicest way of doing so. What you'll get is a resin casted model in parts, you've gotta file it, grind it, polish it, paint it and glue it together. It takes up shitloads of your time, so be careful not to let that new hobby eat too much of your time - if you decide to try it / stick with it.

Anyways, we've (as in Eefi and NebuK :P) tried our first garage kit, Mina, from the Densha Otoko opening:

Mina, our first modelkit, finished 😛

As we've run into many problems, gear and methode wise, we thought we'd publish a small "buildlog" or "modelkit diary". Mind you, this is by no means a guide or tutorial as we've only tried to find our way into the Resin Kit World :P. Still if you're preparing to do your first kit this post may give you some kind of idea what you're diving into.


AmiAmi.com RSS

Maybe some of you like figures (as in figmas, nendos, etc.) and know www.AmiAmi.com - which is a great shop. It just poses one problem - it offers no RSS feed that allows you to stay up to date to whether items get available, get into preorder or are restocked. So you may miss the item you want due to the completely crazy japanese habit of buying everything that was just restocked out in mere hours.

As we have also been disstatisfied with that we wrote a parser for AmiAmi that creates a RSS feed. You may also subscribe it, it's update twice a day at 16:00 and 04:00 Europe/Berlin time every day. You can find it on:


Maybe it'll help you harvesting the Otaku loot you want :P.