1/6 Konpaku Youmu (Biifuru)

Another commission joins the gallery. Thanks to the patience of my commissioner, I was able to take my time with her. She looked so simple but gave me a lot of trouble because both cast and fitting were pretty bad. Even after I started painting, large gaps popped up and it took even longer. Yes, she’s not perfect (but then again no figure ever is) but I think she turned out decently enough. It doesn’t look like it but in fact she’s super huge. She alone can fill an entire Detolf department with not much space left.

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17 Akiyama Mio (Hobby Max/Kiking)

Another commission kit for a MFC member. I hope to have a few more up in the next months because I wasn’t lazy and spent the last half a year sanding and preparing kits. Maybe then I can also get a few done for myself :’D. This kit is an awesome sculpt from the talented Kiking and I worked with an original figure for a change (I think there are no recasts of this one so it’s pretty rare!). I love this figure so I was delighted when I was asked to paint her. Even if I can’t keep her, I have a few pretty photos for my gallery so it’s all good.

I can get kits done faster when the cast is good. It had its share of seamlines (big ones on her boots) and micro bubbles but the fitting was really really amazing. In hindsight, I would have gone crazy if the fitting wasn’t perfect. There are so many parts that cross each other at some point, expecially her hair and just imagine the horror if the guitar strap was too short! In fact, I was so nervous when attaching her guitar strap because it was a super close fit.

You’d think she isn’t that complex since you basically have to paint everything black, right? Too much black color doesn’t do her layers of hair justice of which she had just so SO many. It’s one of those things that are hard to capture in photos because it looks so flat but her hair is really impressive. So she got a dark purple shade instead of deep black. She doesn’t look like Mio in the first place so you might as well add a little artistic freedom as the painter. It was fun building an amp and seeing all those parts slip into place was exciting. I also added white to my standard skin color since she appears very pale on the prototype pictures (and the original artwork).

The only thing that worries me is getting her safely to her owner. D: She’s a fragile little thing. But nonetheless, enjoy the pictures!

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1/6 Al Azif & Another Blood (Milky Doll)


 I believe this must be the most complex kit I’ve worked on yet. These two girls are really heavy chunks of resin given the scale (1/6). They’re only held together by a pin where their arms are interlocked (not glued) and I’m glad that it’s sufficient. I’ve taken many pictures from it’s progress so when I have time, I hope I can finish the GK building guide I’m working on.

There were many troubles with this kit and I’ve wrote the longest negative feedback at E2064. But now the kit’s done and all I can do is try better next time. I like the colors very much though, so enjoy the pictures!

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1/6 Penguin x Chocolate (T’s System)

 I like how T’s System always releases GKs in 1/6 scale so they’re usually really big. This Penguin girl however is only around 13 cm in height so she looks pretty good beside smaller scale figures. This kit was a pleasure to work with and that’s why I finished her so fast. I also got to use Mr. Crystal Colors for the first time and I’m really impressed about the slight pearl shine that were applied on her jacket and the penguin (but these effects are hard to photograph).

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1/6 Saber Alter Maid

No it’s not the PVC from ALTER 🙂 I actually always cry a little inside when a GK I’ve painted is released as a PVC figure. But this time it was because I couldn’t afford the exclusive (and elusive) PVC so I decided to paint the GK version. Now she’s being rereleased but oh well. I think mine didn’t turn out that bad either 🙂

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Tora Brindle – 1/7 Snow Miku + Sakura Hatchune Miku

I like Snow Mikus color scheme so much that I wanted to own a scaled figure of her. Even though Miku has thousands of figures and multiple Snow versions as Nendoroids, there’s no decent scaled figure. She was quite a challenge to paint, I’ve never used that much metallic color on a figure before and I’ve learned a lot in the process.

I entered the E2046 GK Contest 2012 with her since I finished her roughly around the time.

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Kotobukiya – 1/8 Yomiko Readman

Apparently there are two releases from Kotobukiya, one is a painted resin kit and one is the PVC version. I am not quite sure how to classify this one here because I painted it myself. However, it’s safe to say that it’s a recast from E2046 (from the painted resin kit, probably). She’s still preorderable but I haven’t seen her actually being released for the last two years or so. I bought her from an user who got one from her earlier batches. This kit caused me a lot of headache because her skirt parts just didn’t want to fit together at all, among other things like thousands of micro-bubbles on her coat. I was also forced to remodel her glasses because I lost those that came with it. It doesn’t make a big difference though, the included ones were also just printed on plastic (and not laser etched metal). Despite all the difficulties, I think she came out nice (especially her base fits her so well!). More pictures under the cut! =w=

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Purazuma Houriki Mokei – Aisaka Taiga

This is one of the kits I’ve always wanted (even before picking up painting GKs as a hobby). The sculptor Abira is really talented and has produced a bunch of Toradora (among others) figures that I all love to have. So more are bound to follow if I can ever get my hands on some kits of his!

Taiga here was painted using Mr. Hobby Colors and I especially like how her dress turned out. The many layers of frills have a little purple shading on them. I’m happy that it seems like I’m rally improving. 🙂 Usually I stick to round acrylic transparent bases but this time I sort of copied the background colors of the original artwork that belongs to this kit.

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