1/7 Palette (T’s System)

 I figured I should write a few more words when posting a gallery. Given how many hours I spend building a kit, there must be something I can write about, right? And yet my mind goes blank each and every time. I keep having that problem when attempting to write something about pictures I draw. Most of the time it boils down to “I made that for person X. enjoy” but I keep trying.

Palette was one of those figures I’ve had my eyes on for a very very long time. I preordered her PVC, cancelled it again hoping it would drop in price one day. I loved the sculpt but disliked the paintwork which was a deal breaker for me. She didn’t really end up in the bargain bin and then I forgot about her. Years later, I find a recast for sale in a garage kit forum, missed her because I pm’ed the seller too late and then bought her from the first buyer after a few months. I’m really happy that I was able to get her in the end and to make it even better, I got it as a garage kit and was able to paint it myself.

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