More Shirt Stuff: T-Shirt Logo Ideas!

As one of our dear old projects i’ve ever wanted to finish will probably never go live i’d like to use this post as a kind of memorial: I’m talking about which was thought to become a free (as in free speech) T-Shirt logo sharing site. Everything would’ve been high quality vectors and licensed under creative commons or similar license, we’d have links to all the large printing companies and nobody would be depandant on “spreadshirt shops” or anything idiotic like that anymore. Sadly we/i don’t have the time to implement those ideas anymore, so i’ll just link it to this post and always update it. Maybe, just maybe there will be a day when a real sharing site goes online on that domain … But back to shirts, hers the overview:

But theres more! Everything including the vectors in the nice vector format “svg” will be found inside.


Here are all the shirt designs with the associated SVG file to download. By the way – if you click the svg link and your browser displays it, you need to save that page to your computer – do that by pressing Ctrl+S (or Mac+s or whatever your browser/platform wants you to) and save the .svg file. Also, if the SVGs display strangely, don’t worry – thats probably because your browser doesn’t support svg background colors (e.g. white on white doesn’t look too … visible). But for the Downloads:

Bobber “Riding Oldschool in modern times” Design Download Make-a-Wish GTS Design Download
Helvetica Font Design Download

Eden of the East “Air King” Design

Akagi “I Ron You Big Time” Design Download
To Come… Download


Various Mahjongg-Tile Designs

Download (includes all tiles + text)

By the way – you can also reach this page on!

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