Wooden Drinholder for cult drinks

As another birthday of a friend came up and we stood there with not even the slightest idea of what might make a good gift we had to get a little creative – first came the idea of collecting some nerdy and culty drinks (non-alcoholic, i think in this respect non-alcoholic has way more style) and well, give him a set of cool drinks. Next were some thoughts about how to package it and well, while thinking about some cardboard setups to pack it up the idea for this wooden drink holder which can be dual-used as a drinkholder shelf.

See the pictures below for the whole drink collection as well as the drinkholder and both put together :P.

(some building details inside!)

Unfortuneatly we didn’t have time to document the whole build process due to time constraints (we only had one evening to build the whole thingy), so just a little description here.

All the wood was birch plywood (“multiplex”), the baseplate is 18mm thick, the top one (the one with the holes) is 12mm to save some time routing the holes. Both are 35*50cm. The two sides (3*50cm) are made of two layers 21mm wood, so it’d get high enough. First we routed a 45* bevel around the bottom (read: the ugly side) of the baseplate, then started to route the holes – they are of diameters 7cm, 8cm and 6.5cm (so that all the bottles fit just nicely). This was all in all the most of the work – after that came routing some bevels onto the inner diameter of the holes, routing the bevel on the top plate and glueing the four  21mm sides together to two higher sidewalls. The finish was sanding up to 180grit (using a eccentric sander) and rubbing the whole thing with linseed oil. We only used a little as we had the need to dry it overnight – this sadly minimizes the protective effect of the oil but we had no choice. Normal would be two or three times flooding the wood with oil, letting it stand for ten minutes and taking the rest off – after that it’d need to dry completely which would take several days if not weeks.


Hope you liked this project again – as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment or mail in!

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