DIY HiFi Surround, picturama

Once again i’ve been tinkering on small a broadband system to be used as my surround front/rear speakers. I’ve chosen a simple (and cheap!) design very similar to the CT 242, the only thing i’ve changed is the bass-reflex tuning. Once again, as i’m quite new to all this i’d rather refrain from giving instructions on how to do this and that here.
I’ve chosen to veneer this one, a nice dark wood for the front, and light maple(?) for the rest of the box. This also was what ate up most of the time – and it didn’t get as perfect as i hoped. That is also a reason for not giving instructions here- i KNOW something about the technique i use doesn’t work!
Anyways, as the final produt stood there on my desk and played happily i knew the project was a success in the end. Even in comparison with my studio monitors those tiny broadbanders played nicely! Using the subs from my Monitor system it’s a joy to hear them work, the stage-feeling and sound location was suprising for me as i’m used to two or more-way systems. But for the pics…:

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