Schwarzwaelder [Cup,Micro]-Cakes

Let me start this Post with a familiar sentence:

Cakes, everyone LOVES Cakes.

“Uuuhm, sure, okay” – but hey, everyone does! So we made a few Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Gateau?) Mini-Cakes. For the ones who don’t know, this is a German cake, actually, the most german of all Cakes. Coming from a  mountain-region in the south-west it has whipped cream, some more whipped cream on some whipped cream with some whipped cream, cherries, some more whipped cream, a few cherries on top aaaand … MORE whipped cream.

What we’ve done with that cake, which is supposedly the one (beeing a lie) in Portal is breaking it down into small Cake-lets, while still in the make they looked like this:

The real magic, smearing everything with even MORE Whipped Cream is only about to start. When the cakelets are ready to leave for the hungry crowd they’re rouuughly like this:

Some more work required to get here:

Aaaand, served nicely chilled and super sweet, everyone moans a deep “Mmhhmmmm!”

The recipe isn’t ours, just the form-factor, so we probably won’t publish the recipe. If you want it nonetheless, please leave a comment with some contact-information, and we’ll hand it over :P.

Have a nice time eating some cake, it really makes life better!

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