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We’ve made two Porings and two Poporings already and this is a wonderful plushie for beginners. Having seen Ragnarok cosplayers run around with Porings at a convention, I was determined to buy one too until they told me the ones they were carrying were self-made. I wanted one myself at first but all Porings I’ve made so far have been given away and this one also had a home before it was made.  If you want one as well, drop me a comment (or a mail) xD. I love making those and they come in green, dark blue, light blue or orange if pink doesn’t suit you ~

From left to right: Pouring, Marin, Drops, Poporing, Poring

You’ll find a lot of Poring plush tutorials on the net and I already forgot which inspired me. This is how it works best for me:

What you’ll need: pink fluffy fabric, a bit white and black felt, (matching) pink thread. Now you’re good to go! Here’s the pattern .

Cut out everything. These are the bottom and the top ball pieces.
How the face will look like.
Cut out a 25 (height) x 54 (width) cm piece from your pink fabric, fold once (right sides facing). Between the white dots drawn, draw a curve, not too close to the edge because that's where you'll be sewing next. Do that for the left and right sides. Use pins or don't.
The top one shows how it's supposed to turn out, already turned inside out and stuffed. Start like shown and sew along the edge (just how a tennis ball is made).

I forgot: don’t sew *all* along the edge. Leave a little bit open so you can turn it inside out. Stuff it but don’t close it yet!

Halfway done with the body. Ok, not yet. Grab the open hole and fold again. Draw the same curve for the two sides left and sew.

You may close this thing (no need for leaving it open since we’ll cut it anyway).

Measure 8 cm from the bottom tip and draw a curve like shown above.

Cut along this line.

Pinning the bottom part onto the body. Don’t be too precise because the bottom piece is somewhat too big.
Sewing on the botton is the most annoying part (remember to leave a bit open!). Look how crappy it turned out here 🙁 Luckily, it won’t be too apparent on the finished product.

Turn it inside out, stuff it (take your time until it looks good) and close the body with the ladder stitch. Sew on the top ball with a few stitches so it won’t come off. Start inside the ball so you can make the knot on the end of your thread as big as you like. Close the ball afterwards.

All that’s left is glueing on the face! Arrange it before you try to glue so you can be sure to like how it turns out.  The mouth is very fragile. Be careful or you have to cut it out again (which is a pain too!).


7 thoughts on “Poring Plush”

  1. Thanks for showing us how to make a Poring! I\’m planning to make one for a dear friend of mine. Lets hope it\’ll turn out well!

  2. There seems to be several steps missing or noted not explained, making the body is very confusing.

    please fix 🙁

  3. Hi Liz,

    could you clearify a bit which part exactly it is you find confusing? As i find the explainations quite clear (i sewed a few after all) i cannot make out which part exactly is underdocumented.

    – NebuK

  4. Can you e-mail me please, would really love one of these for my friends birthday but i\’m not very good on a sewing machine :3


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