Saber Lion Plush

Roar~ I'm a lion!

Finally, I’m back with another plushie post ^__^/ (Ow.. the applet thing finished uploading o_o!) I made this plushie for halcy’s birthday and did it just in time but I’m pleased with the result ^^. This post is for roBernd who asked for pictures since halcy’s too reserved to do so :p

Reference picture

I have to warn you, it’s almost all hand-sewn *again* (like all the custom patterns I make).  For now, I’m not posting a tutorial. Don’t know whether someone will actually redo this ^^; If you do, drop a comment and I’m gonna do it. Until then, I’m probably too lazy to post the pattern (have to dig it out from my pile of plushie patterns and trace them.. meh… work).

Somehow I didn’t came around taking many in progress pictures. :/ Sorry for that.

What you’ll need: light brown, orange, white fluffy cloth; a lot of patience (the mess is optional)
Cloud tail tip
Lots of meat balls....
I stole this blue ribbon from my Azusa cosplay. If Saber Lion's wearing any ribbon, royal blue should be the correct color. Nevermind?
No, it can't stand on its feet D:
Tail attached. Looks good 🙂
Saber Lion looks a bit indifferent. I think it fits him perfectly though ^^;
Face closeup! ROAR!
Saber Lily approves!

I didn’t know this version of Saber Lion derived from Dunkin’ Doughnut Japan’s mascot until ryx told me (everything has a cute mascot in ONLY Japan! Foxkeh! Cheese-kun! T_T). Of course they’ve made their own plushies. I want to try their lion doughnut pon de ring someday!

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