Portal Level Warning Signs

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The first svg vector resource 😀 Wheee~! (I created the category along with it) After I overwhelmed the initial troubles with using Inkscape, it has become quite fun making and tracing vector images. They are easy to make and hey, you can print them on shirts for showing the whole world too! I’d recommend you make yourself familiar with Inkscape if you haven’t done so. You could just search for a shirt you like on Spreadshirt of course and just buy it but it’s more awesome (and you don’t have to pay more :p) if you make it yourself. I always use Spreadshirt to let them make my shirts, granted. But the “you can only upload three vector files” really annoys me. >:(

Originally, NebuK and I wanted matching Aperture Science shirts and we picked the falling and crashing cube warning signs. I don’t know why I traced the other ones as well but here they are. I haven’t used them so I’d be happy if someone else does. I also included the Aperture Science logos but they aren’t mine. Have snagged them off deviantArt, if you know who to give credits for, please tell me and I’ll link them back.

To motivate you we took some pictures of our shirts ^_^

If you don’t like shirts, print them on a mug, mittens, bags, make pins, stickers, whatever 🙂

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    • Gladly! The photos are still broken (this is really old, and the blog didn’t quite survive many migrations plus inactivity), but I fiddled in the SVG so you can use it. Have fun!

      *Edit: OK, snapshots of the shirts also fixed xd


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