Highly modified Hokkaido Milkbread – (ger) Wölkchenbrot

Heyyas, been baking again. This time i’ve tried a modified version of this Hokkaido Milkbread. The result was really astonishing, the whole thing beeing so fluffy, the crumb was really light and easily compressable, it almost felt like melting ice on the tongue (okay, now i’m exaggerating :P). The visual result was also very pleasing, look for yourself:

But now for the recipe. As said, this is slightly modified:

You’ll need:

  • 220 ml whipped cream
  • 30 g skimmed milk powder
  • 450 ml milk
  • 10 g salt
  • 1 block yeast
  • 30 g brown suger
  • ~800 g flour (type 405)


Mix milk with sugar and a little bit of flour, heat to 30 *C, put yeast in it, mix again bringin in quite some air. Let yeast start working. Heat the rest of the milk / cream to 30 *C Add everything into a mixing bown and knead (via machine) for at least 15 minutes. Make sure to add plenty liquid (milk) to get the right consistency of the dough, the humid consistency here is the key to the super-fluffy result (together with the extraordinary long kneading…). Divide into 3 equal parts and knead each part for 3 minutes again. Put the round parts into a fatted loaf-pan next to each other and let swell until it reaches a level just over the top of the loaf-pan (at least double volume). A good tip for this is to use your oven just preheated to 35-40*C and the lamp (BUT NO HEATING) still on. Bake for ~40-50 minutes applying some milk to the top 3-4 times (warning: do not apply at the beginning, only after a more or less hard crust started to form).

Thats it, receive tastey modded Hokkaido Milkbread :P. The taste is somehow unique. Way more fluffy than normal milk-dough, also somehow more moist, humid (and tastey). The sweetness sure comes through but that doesn’t mean the bread wouldn’t go well with non-sweet toppings, cheese, etc. Still – sweet toppings such as self-made marmalde is still best ever on this bread :).

3 thoughts on “Highly modified Hokkaido Milkbread – (ger) Wölkchenbrot”

  1. This bread loks AWESOME !!
    think i try it after i ripped my mum for the ingredients.

    is it a sweet bread or liek regular bread ? just wondering ….

  2. Its more like sweet bread, but the consistency and mouthfeel is more or less like regular bread for toasting, so it goes well with non-sweet toppings.

    Be sure to report back after you\’ve tried it out 😉


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