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My first selfmade plushie pattern turned out to be the original character bunny-thingie of a friend. (Hey, I don’t have any website to link back to give you credit! If I see you again sometime I’ll gladly give this one to you.) This first try actually turned out all right, so here’s my first tutorial.

What you’ll need: fleece fabric: red (15 cm), white (15 cm); felt: black, white, pink; stuffing material | Pattern: PDF or SVG

Head and body

Bunny Head Body

Cut out 26 x 11 cm (head) and 22 x 11 cm (body) strips. Fold them once, while paying attention that the right sides face each other and you’re sewing on the wrong side. Try to draw the stroke that’s dotted above (the blue line on the picture below), making it as smooth as possible. (Please deal with my crappy sketches.) Start at a fourth of its width. When you’re done, you’re ready to start sewing. Be careful at the outer edge! You’re going to have to close it manually if you’re unlucky and sew too close to or even outside the edge.

Like this. Only prettier.

Trim those parts and fold them like this (I’m just too bad at explaining it.). Make sure you leave at least a little hole at the top and/or the bottom so you’re still able to turn it inside out! Don’t close it completely (even if I have done it before)!


Just sew it like you did the step before. Trim those sides too and turn it inside out. Stuff both parts and close them with the ladder stitch.

Ears, arms and feet

This part is pretty straightforward. Pin two of the same parts together (again with wrong sides facing each other) and sew along the outer edge. Trim, turn inside out, stuff, close.


It’s time to put all these parts together (using the ladder stitch again)! The limbs may not lie the way you want them to if this is your first time doing it. But there’s no catch, so be patient.





Cut out the features (I actually forgot to include them into the pattern file..) from felt. Use this picture as a reference:

20091025-IMG_6663Sewing them on is a pain (too small) so glue has to be enough. On a second note.. you might as well paint the mouth on. Mine broke four times in the process. How I managed anyway is even a mystery to me.

Yay, you’re done!

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