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1/8 World is Mine Miku

I thought about buying the PVC version multiple times and in the end I never did. But I liked the frame idea so much that I caved in and brought the gk version two years back. I'm still not a 100% sold on this figure but I prefer her over the more muted original colors.


Nendoroid Mai v2

I know I've never posted a gallery of v1 but rurah, the modeler of this adorable figure has sent me the first prototype which I built and painted. Now after some adjustments on her design, here's the second and final version of Nendoroid Mai! It took me a long time since building 3D printed models means the complete surface has to be sanded. You might still be able to see the characteristic layer structure here and there if you pay really close attention but in general, it shouldn't disturb the view. Here's her gallery!


1/7 Asuna Yuuki (Volks)


My favorite Asuna sculpt to this date. She's from the Charagumin line which means that she comes in colored resin and if you don't want to you can build her entirely without painting any parts (although then obviously she won't look as nice). I'm really pleased with how her eyes turned out and her flowing hair is so beautiful.


1/8 China Dress Taiga (Purazuma Houriki Mokei)

I love Abira's Toradora kits and this Taiga kit here has been on my wishlist for a long time. She was released as a PVC but I didn't like the paintjob so I had to hunt her garage kit version down and do it myself. She comes with another pair of thin twin-tails but the parts don't fit so I'm keeping her with the hair buns until I have the nerve to improve the parts (i.e. never). She was modeled after an artwork and I'm still searching for the matching Ami.


1/10 Youmu Konpaku (ReplyFrom)

This is my second Youmu garage kit and second ReplyFrom kit. Colors always turn out a bit differently but I think the green came out really well. I'm sorry that Myon is barely visible due to the white background. Enjoy!


1/6 Maya Kumashiro (Tsukuyomi Craft)

I've had a long-ish break from building garage kits due to the cold weather but since NebuK built me an indoor airbrush station, I'm as active as ever! My last batch of prepped kits includes Maya, one of my last commissions. She doesn't have many parts but the ones she had didn't really want to fit together so there was quite some putty work involved. Hope her commissioner likes her!


Repairing 3DS (XL) Stuck / “Sluggish” Analog Pad (Joy-Stick)

And after an hour of drying (better be safe... thick CA can take a long time to dry), you can see the result.

If you've also bought the new "Super Smash Brothers" on the 3DS, chances are that your Analog-Stick also suffered some major or minor damage. From various source on the Interwebs it seems that many people suffer from completely breaking-off analog pads, whereas others report "sluggish" or "stuck" pads. We got the "sluggish" version. And i will show you how to fix it...


Hourai (Aoshingou)

Hourai concludes the last batch of kits I managed to finish this year. All the prep work was done last year (except for Haruka, I think) so despite my lack of time for the hobby, I got something done, hurray! For those of you who are not that familiar with Touhou lore, Hourai is one of Alice's dolls. I say that because she only has very subtle signs that she's a doll in this figure. Her small hands show doll joints at the fingers but that's about it. Speaking of hands, I first lost one of her hands and then "found" it again in pieces because I apparently stepped on it without noticing. I clumsily glued the pieces together and had to model part of it from scratch. Taking care of small parts is not my forte... but I now try to always put small parts into bags so they don't get lost.

If it wasn't for her massive hair, she would be able to stand on her feet alone. Since she's technically a doll, I have no idea what her scale is. Maybe 1/3? I don't have her with me right now but she stands about 12cm tall, I believe. Which means she's pretty small. I enjoyed painting her a lot!


1/6 Little Red Riding Hood Miku (T’s System)

Don't let the photos fool you, she's 1/6 and huuge. She stands beside Dark Angel Olivia and is the same height. There's something really satisfying about building a figure that has some presence which is also why I love figures with elaborate bases or big weapons! I like how her turquoise hair contrasts with the red, white, yellow that dominates the rest of her outfit. I can't remember having too much trouble with this kit. The only thing you have to be prepared for is painting all those dotted yellow ribbons and her apron is NOT separated from the rest of the dress, so that needs some careful masking. She requires more patience than it appears at first glance but you'll be rewarded with that cute smile! :3


1/8 Haruka Morishima (Principality of Kagutsuchino)

It's nice to work on a simpler kit once in a while. The fitting was pretty good and only her hair pieces gave me trouble sanding. She has a lot of dark colors and I struggled with mixing the right ones, because I didn't want hair, dress and stockings to look the same. But the subtle hues were never the same when I looked for reference pictures. Same, when I looked for her eye color. In the end, I opted for a slight brown tint in her hair and sprayed her blazer blue.

Just recently I bought new masking fluid and tape and used both to maks her buttons and uniform borders. I'm really happy how clean that turned out! ^^