Chrismas Present: Tetromino PinBoard

Yay, Tetris, the famous russian game everyone loves for its music Oo. Or like that. Anyways, we’ve got a friend who’s kind of a Tetris nerd – at least he singing the polka melody all the time. So we got that idea of Pulshie Tetrominos pinned to a Frame. Problem was it … didn’t quite work:

Didn't quite work
Didn't quite work

So we had another idea, how about making tons of tetrominos from room temperature curing plasticine, inserting pins to pin them to a pinboard (amongst other … well – notes or whatever you normally pin onto a pinboard :P).

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Outside the Blog: Mr. Saturn Plushie

We have posted our first Mr. Saturn in the plushies overview post already but just to make it easier to search through, here’s another post! NebuK made a second Mr. Saturn so this time we have two (!) in progress pictures. Nevertheless, the original tutorial (which you can find here ) is wonderfully documented with … Read moreOutside the Blog: Mr. Saturn Plushie

Highly modified Hokkaido Milkbread – (ger) Wölkchenbrot

Heyyas, been baking again. This time i’ve tried a modified version of this Hokkaido Milkbread. The result was really astonishing, the whole thing beeing so fluffy, the crumb was really light and easily compressable, it almost felt like melting ice on the tongue (okay, now i’m exaggerating :P). The visual result was also very pleasing, look for yourself:

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Backferment (special yeast) bread

Recently we’ve been into baking bread. Like, traditional easy bread thats tastey and available kinda quick after you’ve decided you wanted bread for dinner or supper. Anyhow those simple baguett-like yeast bread, even though they require quite some trying around to be able to properly handle the yeast properly to achieve a even fluffyer result … Read moreBackferment (special yeast) bread

Apple of Archer


Hey, Eefi here~! I made one of my favorite headgears from Ragnarok Online! This plushie emerged from the attempt whether the sewing pattern for Poring’s body works for other not so regular shapes as well. Apparently, it does although I had to make a few changes. I don’t have any in progress pictures since I wasn’t sure if it’d work out and I’m not that keen to make a second one in the near future. The arrow is a somewhat of a pain to make and everything has to be sewn by hand! (Which is the major downside because it takes ages!) If you’re lucky and your sewing machine is tamed to the extend so you can sew veeery slow, do it with the machine. Our’s isn’t, making every curved stitch nearly impossible.

Also, there’s no pattern this time.

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