New HiFirama, Black Beauty

Yay for another cool HiFi Project – a mini-monitor using the MarkAudio “cheapo Series”, CHR-70 which benifits from the design- and production experience MarkAudio has from it’s larger brothers but is made with budget considerations in mind – so in short it’s a modern, well-designed and manufactured “mid-budget” speaker which performs just great! The cases are Teak-veneered MDF, the design is a GHP (“Geschlossen mit HochPass” -> Closed with HighPass Cap) design from a HiFi-Forum (german board) member which was influenced by the “GHP” concept of a german HiFi-magazine…

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Menger Sponge Paper Model WIP

I always forget this camera doesn’t rotate the images right. Now I’m too lazy to upload it again (I’ll try to remember to do it in the future..)! Tilt your head for the time being or something..

Goal: Level 3 Menger sponge. The only level that is a challenge and not impossible for a single person.

I’ve done a tenth of it now, not following any color pattern at all (if you do, it probably will turn out prettier). Overall it’s made of 20*400 little cubes – a little tutorial on how to connect them will follow below.

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Mini Marshmallow Roasting + Touhou Fanbook Loot

In celebration of the new compact camera I will now announce to throw in mini posts containg loot or other useless stuff more frequently! We’re trying so hard to post tutorials and everything but that ends up in not posting for half a year at all!

To be honest, that was my first time roasting marshmallows. I’ve been told they catch fire quickly but boy do they burn well!

Does it look pathetic to you roasting tiny marshmallows with a toothpick on a tea candle? Yeah? It does to me too. Butthetinymarshmallowsarecute..

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Nicely lit DIY Figure-Display-Cabinets

A common problem with most of the figure display case solutions out there is lighting – how do you put enough (and nice) light in your display so the figures look good but the whole place doesn’t get filled by bulky bulbs, PSUs, cables and the like.  We like to show a method of building cheap yet good looking lighting for custom glass displays as well as the common and popular IKEA DETOLF using inexpensive led-strips.

Also, as we (and probably many many others) like to use plain glass shelfs (as they’re easy to mount and look good) to display figures there is the very common problem of dust and dirty laying down on the figures. The other thing we propose here is a nice method to build sturdy yet good looking glass cover you can simply place on the shelf over the figures (a box with two open sides: backside and bottom).

For building and setup instructions for those two cool concepts, please look inside :).

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