Pocky The Review

Finally! We’re done with all the photo taking issues. As promised, here’s the review I’ve been wanting to write since I got that Pocky heap last Christmas! They’ve been lying around for so long…

Flavors are listed in no particular order. Unfortunately, I can’t claim this review to be complete. Glico has released so many different Pocky and it’s even harder to get everything outside Japan. Nevertheless, I’ve got quite a bunch and pretty pictures too 😉 (And I’ll make sure I add future Pocky additions to this review if I should ever get my hands on more.)

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Deer me, Deer you, Bookstand-Deer!

And off we go for another nice DIY tinkering howto. Again we needed a birthday present for a friend of ours, which is a deliberate Otaku and IRC-Nerd on #satf, rizon. Those folks happen to have a bot that can draw ASCII-Art pictures mainly of deers – that look just like the bookholder deer below.

As you can imagine our friend was flabbergasted (i somehow like that word) to the last. Read on for more details on how to build it!

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Figure Buying Guide

It all started with the Konata Figma that I wanted to have and no matter how hard I looked for her, she wasn’t available anywhere (you can always try eBay but in most cases you pay a high price). As ridiculous as it may sound but competition between figure collectors is fierce. Popular figures are gone in no time and people are capable of hogging sites at 4 am in the morning to get limited ones.
From what I’ve seen, it’s easier to get figures when they’re available for preorder if you really want them. Of course you can hope for sales (and they happen a lot!) but most probably those for sale aren’t the ones you want.

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