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PicPost: Headphones Amplifier

Since a long time i wanted to check out DIY Amplifier design and building (see http://ideas.kanojo.de/ for a rough timeline oO). As a first-tryer i opted for a Headphones amp as a friend is a real HighEnd-Headphones fanatic and well ... it's simpler and cheaper - you don't need large capacitors, big heatsinks, uber-powersupplies ... all nice n tiny.

The Amplifier itself is a TexasInstruments TPA1517NE Class-AB Amplifier that is driven at a voltage of 18V (to be able to supply a reasonable signal for high-impedance (600ohms) headphones. The Schematic is almost the application note except for enlarged output capacitors to lower the cutoff frequency of the output-filter. Both powersupply and amp reside on on PCB.

The casing is made from 15mm Multiplex, routered at the edges. The volume-control knob is also routered from the same 15mm MPX material. The edges are routered along with 45*

Buuut, as this is a picpost, here they come:


New HiFirama, Black Beauty

Yay for another cool HiFi Project - a mini-monitor using the MarkAudio "cheapo Series", CHR-70 which benifits from the design- and production experience MarkAudio has from it's larger brothers but is made with budget considerations in mind - so in short it's a modern, well-designed and manufactured "mid-budget" speaker which performs just great! The cases are Teak-veneered MDF, the design is a GHP ("Geschlossen mit HochPass" -> Closed with HighPass Cap) design from a HiFi-Forum (german board) member which was influenced by the "GHP" concept of a german HiFi-magazine...


DIY HiFi Surround, picturama

Once again i've been tinkering on small a broadband system to be used as my surround front/rear speakers. I've chosen a simple (and cheap!) design very similar to the CT 242, the only thing i've changed is the bass-reflex tuning. Once again, as i'm quite new to all this i'd rather refrain from giving instructions on how to do this and that here.

Alto II – DIY HiFi getting more serious!

After i managed to write up the guide/documentation for the cheapo-tenöre yesterday i today want to post more of DIY speaker sweetness - a "Alto II (Variation)" - again a self-developed speaker by a HiFi-Forum member. It is - as you can see - a large floorstander with two Visaton chassis and the second speaker i ever built.

This is - by the way - not going to be a guide, as there are people who can do this far better than me with those more advanced speakers. Time comes, maybe sometime i'll develop nice speakers myself đŸ™‚ At least thats the plan. But for a picture-documentation - please read on!


“HiFi” on the cheaps, DIY Speakers for few euros…

As a friend and myself built me a pair of quite nice - not to say wowzie - speakers for music production and DJing a few years ago i was now eager to try myself. To get the basic idea of craftsmenship and woodworking i started not by developing the speakers myself - as it was done by my friend for me back then - but go for a well known design by a guy from the german Hifi-Forum: The TenĂ–re Transmissionline Broadband-speaker. The name comes from german dialect/puns and roughly means "10-euro thingy". A perfect object to train the techniques needed for more complicated work...