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QuickHack: Vibration-Table for resin casting

As we're trying to set out to custom-cast resin figures i've built a one-evening-hacked vibration table as a first step for (hopefully!) successful room-pressure casting.


Simple selfmade Ramen, take one!

A little while ago i've set out to create simple yet tasty ramen which could be cooked in (almost) any western (especially german) kitchen. As some unsuccessfull experiments showed this wasn't too easy.

I've also burdened me with some constraints - it should require as little "active chef time" as possible. There are some things you can't change, amongst them that a good broth needs time to simmer. The second was that i've tried to use as few "exotic" ingredients as possible.

The result, which can be seen to our left, is neither great nor bad - but its a good start, not too pricey as well as not too complex.




MiniPost: This is how election works in soviet germany

This was found on the open streets for a regional election in soviet germany, near where we live!


QuickPost: Real Silver Origami Crane

Just a quick post on a developing Idea: folding Origami out of real silver or gold. It'd make a perfect gift with a really exclusive feel to it. The first test was successfull with only some problems remaining to be solved...