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AmiAmi.com RSS

Maybe some of you like figures (as in figmas, nendos, etc.) and know www.AmiAmi.com - which is a great shop. It just poses one problem - it offers no RSS feed that allows you to stay up to date to whether items get available, get into preorder or are restocked. So you may miss the item you want due to the completely crazy japanese habit of buying everything that was just restocked out in mere hours.

As we have also been disstatisfied with that we wrote a parser for AmiAmi that creates a RSS feed. You may also subscribe it, it's update twice a day at 16:00 and 04:00 Europe/Berlin time every day. You can find it on:


Maybe it'll help you harvesting the Otaku loot you want :P.


iPhone Push-EMail with your own Mailserver (Exim, Postfix, QMail, etc…)

As Jabber does not seem appropriate for a SMS-replacement (the clients just don't to survive connection changes from wifi->3g, 3g->E, etc.) i've been looking for something different. E-Mail is nice, just the shortest polling-interval of 15minutes is not suited for realtime communication. So - theres Push Email (meaning the iPhone will hold a HTTP connection to some server open all the time and the server writes something to that stream as soon as a new mail arrives) for various services including Microsoft Exchange and GMail. How about you hosting a own server since you don't want to give away all your data? No problem - either use one of the tons of commercial servers supporting Push or use Z-Push with your favorite IMAP and SMTP server.


GNU/Linux iPhone Sync – Wireless! Funambol error -1, yay!

I recently got me a iPhone for tinkering, development (i've got a few nice ideas) and general nerdism. I've run into a few problems syncing my PIM (stuff like Contacts, Tasks, etc.) - especially since i use GNU/Linux which is no platform to run iTunes. Pictures and Music is no Problem as gtkpod and the like support the iPhone. Just the important stuff does not work out nicely.