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1/10 Youmu Konpaku (ReplyFrom)

This is my second Youmu garage kit and second ReplyFrom kit. Colors always turn out a bit differently but I think the green came out really well. I'm sorry that Myon is barely visible due to the white background. Enjoy!


Companion Cube Tissue Boxes on Sale now!

After testing out various ways to make a Companion Cube design, I've finally found a method that I'm satisfied with. These are a bit more expensive than the Rubik's Cube ones since I need PE foil. The pattern is created using cutout PE decals and should not fade for many years! If you'd like one of these, please head to our shop.

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1/6 Penguin x Chocolate (T’s System)

 I like how T's System always releases GKs in 1/6 scale so they're usually really big. This Penguin girl however is only around 13 cm in height so she looks pretty good beside smaller scale figures. This kit was a pleasure to work with and that's why I finished her so fast. I also got to use Mr. Crystal Colors for the first time and I'm really impressed about the slight pearl shine that were applied on her jacket and the penguin (but these effects are hard to photograph).


Yuyuko Nendoroid

Saigyouji Yuyuko! My pictures don't do her justice. For once, I won't complain about the lack of accessories of a Touhou Nendoroid, because Yuyuko comes with a lot of extras. But I know the next one (Cirno) will be somewhat of a letdown again. Can't help it, I want them all nevertheless ^^;


More Shirt Stuff: T-Shirt Logo Ideas!

As one of our dear old projects i've ever wanted to finish will probably never go live i'd like to use this post as a kind of memorial: I'm talking about www.shareshirt.de which was thought to become a free (as in free speech) T-Shirt logo sharing site. Everything would've been high quality vectors and licensed under creative commons or similar license, we'd have links to all the large printing companies and nobody would be depandant on "spreadshirt shops" or anything idiotic like that anymore. Sadly we/i don't have the time to implement those ideas anymore, so i'll just link it to this post and always update it. Maybe, just maybe there will be a day when a real sharing site goes online on that domain ... But back to shirts, hers the overview:

But theres more! Everything including the vectors in the nice vector format "svg" will be found inside.



Exclusive Gold/Silver Origami Cases

And it is (or rather, was) chrismastime again. And what do people like us do that time of the year? Right, tinkering together gifts in raw quantities! This time it got to be small origami figures, plated with real leaf-gold and leaf-silver: A nice selfmade gift with a exclusive note to it. And this is a small introduction (i wouldn't say tutorial for the sake of the posts detail level) on how to make them. Read on!


Schwarzwaelder [Cup,Micro]-Cakes

Let me start this Post with a familiar sentence:

Cakes, everyone LOVES Cakes.

"Uuuhm, sure, okay" - but hey, everyone does! So we made a few Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Gateau?) Mini-Cakes. For the ones who don't know, this is a German cake, actually, the most german of all Cakes. Coming from a  mountain-region in the south-west it has whipped cream, some more whipped cream on some whipped cream with some whipped cream, cherries, some more whipped cream, a few cherries on top aaaand ... MORE whipped cream.


Happy Chinese New Year!

It's the year of the Tiger 😀

While everyone's busy with V-Day and all: Happy Chinese New Year! 🙂

Gong xi fa cai!

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Poring Plush

We've made two Porings and two Poporings already and this is a wonderful plushie for beginners. Having seen Ragnarok cosplayers run around with Porings at a convention, I was determined to buy one too until they told me the ones they were carrying were self-made. I wanted one myself at first but all Porings I've made so far have been given away and this one also had a home before it was made.  If you want one as well, drop me a comment (or a mail) xD. I love making those and they come in green, dark blue, light blue or orange if pink doesn't suit you ~

From left to right: Pouring, Marin, Drops, Poporing, Poring

You'll find a lot of Poring plush tutorials on the net and I already forgot which inspired me. This is how it works best for me:


Random Image Post: No Smoked Cheese

For all the Mahjong players out there~ 🙂 Others won't get the joke anyway. xD

Brought to you by Hatchune Miku and Churuya.