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Kotobukiya – 1/8 Yomiko Readman

Apparently there are two releases from Kotobukiya, one is a painted resin kit and one is the PVC version. I am not quite sure how to classify this one here because I painted it myself. However, it's safe to say that it's a recast from E2046 (from the painted resin kit, probably). She's still preorderable but I haven't seen her actually being released for the last two years or so. I bought her from an user who got one from her earlier batches. This kit caused me a lot of headache because her skirt parts just didn't want to fit together at all, among other things like thousands of micro-bubbles on her coat. I was also forced to remodel her glasses because I lost those that came with it. It doesn't make a big difference though, the included ones were also just printed on plastic (and not laser etched metal). Despite all the difficulties, I think she came out nice (especially her base fits her so well!). More pictures under the cut! =w=


Purazuma Houriki Mokei – Aisaka Taiga

This is one of the kits I've always wanted (even before picking up painting GKs as a hobby). The sculptor Abira is really talented and has produced a bunch of Toradora (among others) figures that I all love to have. So more are bound to follow if I can ever get my hands on some kits of his!

Taiga here was painted using Mr. Hobby Colors and I especially like how her dress turned out. The many layers of frills have a little purple shading on them. I'm happy that it seems like I'm rally improving. :) Usually I stick to round acrylic transparent bases but this time I sort of copied the background colors of the original artwork that belongs to this kit.


QuickHack: Vibration-Table for resin casting

As we're trying to set out to custom-cast resin figures i've built a one-evening-hacked vibration table as a first step for (hopefully!) successful room-pressure casting.


GSC Bakemonogatari – 1/8 Hanekawa Tsubasa

This is a special unboxing post because I forced NebuK to take the pictures for me this time. xp

I rarely preorder a figure these days but this was one I could not miss~.


Simple selfmade Ramen, take one!

A little while ago i've set out to create simple yet tasty ramen which could be cooked in (almost) any western (especially german) kitchen. As some unsuccessfull experiments showed this wasn't too easy.

I've also burdened me with some constraints - it should require as little "active chef time" as possible. There are some things you can't change, amongst them that a good broth needs time to simmer. The second was that i've tried to use as few "exotic" ingredients as possible.

The result, which can be seen to our left, is neither great nor bad - but its a good start, not too pricey as well as not too complex.




GSC Snow Miku Nendoroid

My long awaited Snow Miku arrived today, brought by Enekoneko (thanks for proxy-ing for me ;A;!!). She was released back at WonFes Winter this year. Being a GSC Online Shop Exclusive, you had to pay a proxy to get her. At last, GSC's own shop accepts international orders now as well.


GSC Touhou Project – Cirno

The second part of my August loot. Here comes No. 9 of the Touhou Nendoroid line. GSC doesn't have any new ones announced so for now my collection is complete! They almost take up the space on one shelf by themselves.. I can fit another three but any more and I have to get creative. But it seems like this is not going to happen anytime soon.

Gallery behind the cut!


Sega Prize Figure – Nagato Yuki

This is my first prize figure ever. Apparently, they're put up as prizes on Ufo catchers in Japan and are thus not as high quality as the more expensive PVC statues. However, they are really cheap! Yuki's promotional pictures looked very promising, so I decided to add her to my August purchases. Enjoy the photo gallery!


Trepang Chen WIP

There's not much to post right now, we are really busy studying for exams (yes, AGAIN!) and when we're done for the day we don't have much energy left. While our hobbies are on the back burner, I figured I could finally post the WIP pictures of Chen. I announced it when I posted Chen's gallery and then somehow forgot.

Whenever I finish a GK I reget not having taken pictures but when I'm working on one, my hands are usually dirty and wet from resin, paint, putty or glue. I also get so absorbed in the work that I just don't want to bother. But there's so much to say when you've actually worked on a kit. Details you cannot spot when you decide to buy it on a website. So for the most part I have no WIPs at all but Chen got at least a few.

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Yuyuko Nendoroid

Saigyouji Yuyuko! My pictures don't do her justice. For once, I won't complain about the lack of accessories of a Touhou Nendoroid, because Yuyuko comes with a lot of extras. But I know the next one (Cirno) will be somewhat of a letdown again. Can't help it, I want them all nevertheless ^^;