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“This Website is distributing Malicious Software” … not anymore!

Hello everyone,

sadly after playing with some plugins it seemed that somehow a bit of potentially malicious code entered the blog. It was appended on all themese footer.php and i'm currently trying to investigate (and asking the wordpress guys over at WordPress-Support) which plugin it was and how it injected the code.

Upon a quick analysis of the code it seemed that no harm was done - it connected to a site transmitting no data whatsoever. !So it didn't actually harm anything! (as far as i could see...).

The matter is now resolved, and even the google Malicious-Code-Check doesn't raise a alarm anymore ...

Sorry for any inconvenience caused!


Raid system – 8TB home storage, on budget!

With the advent of higher definition Television, growing demand for high quality lossless audio as well as general madness the need for a reliable as well as flexible and large home storage solution grew rapidly for me. Just hammering more disks into your home router / server just won't nail it over the long term. So i've set out to build a cheap (per TB), (hopefully) longlasting as well as reasonably reliable home storage system for the enthusiast (read: "tinkering geek"). This was achieved using a custom made case for the parts as well as a lucky find for the adapter card. Read on for more...


PulseAudio for analog/spdif hell – so simple, yet you have to know…

When it comes to a flexible audio setup Alsa starts to suck ... hard. If you want output mainly on S/PDIF (be it optical or coax), automatically upmixed to 5.1, then encoded to A52 so your receiver will eat it, but sometimes your general AC3-passthrough 5.1 movie, sometimes maybe even output to your regular analog output ... then its quickly becoming clear that ALSA is basically a driver framework, and not a end-user audio application. I found that most audio middlewares i've known sucked quite hard: Jack is too unuseable, arts or phonon never did their job, esound is kind of ... dead. So what's left? PulseAudio is left! Its setup seems very quirky to firsttime users and if you come with some strange distro-configuration (*cough*ubuntu*cough*) you may want to throw it against your wall ... but actually its super flexible and nice.

If you have a similar setup to mine - read on!


Free/Open Wireless Sync your iPhone with Linux!

While using 3.x on my iPhone free (as in self-hosted and "free as in free speech") syncing was a bit of tinkering here and there but worked. With iOS 4 Apple introduced a new scheme for the Calendar (which used to be a nicely and sanely formatted sqlite file), so all the sync-tools aren't really working anymore. Iphonesync (required J/B Phones and synced to e.g. Funambol) can still read notes(?) and addresses but can't sync the calendar anymore. So i was looking for another option to sync this thingy - and found one (or two) ...