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Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box, Take Two [NOW FOR SALE]

As some of you asked about whether those rubix cube tissue boxes which seem famous after a repeated appearance in a recent episode of "The Big-Bang Theory" were for sale we summed up all the components, added just a little for the time i'd work on it and unfortunatly it seemed like the price wasn't very satisfying.

But we didn't give up and started investigating new, cheaper methods of batch-building those nifty little tissue-cubes. Lucky for us we found a way using a well manufactured premade tissue box made from sturdy cardboard. The results can be seen here:


GSC Bakemonogatari – 1/8 Hanekawa Tsubasa

This is a special unboxing post because I forced NebuK to take the pictures for me this time. xp

I rarely preorder a figure these days but this was one I could not miss~.