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1/8 Steins; Gate Makise Kurisu (Kotobukiya)

My latest figure acquisition is Kotobukiya's 1/8 scale Makise Kurisu from Steins; Gate which arrived this morning. I do feel a bit guilty for not having followed the series this season but it's on my plan to watch list for later. I took a little more time for doing the photos and it wouldn't be quite as bad if I wasn't too lazy to iron the background o/ (I'll do that next time).

How can people wait to take a photo of their monthly loot? Whenever a packet arrives I want to rip it open right away.


Youmu Konpaku Nendoroid

Here's some half-assed pictures of unpacking Youmu (still trying to figure out how to handle the camera and all). I was in hurry that day which didn't help and I'm not very patient with blogging now (exam and paper deadline in a week! I've tried to push everything behind that date that could be delayed so workload is not gonna stop anytime soon). We actually have been trying out a lot of new things lately but we were mostly too lazy do document everything. Hopefully we can do that later sometime.


Quick: Custom sprayed shirt for a mustang fanboy

This is gonna be a real quick post since we haven't had the time to document the process nicely as the deadline for this gift was really tight (few hours Oo). A friend really loves Ford Mustangs and always wanted to buy a old heap of scrap and make it run again ... well, we didn't have the money even for a scrapheap of a mustang, so "all i got was this lousy t-shirt", no? :).

What we did is basically make stencils out of tamiya masking tape (which sticks nicely to just everything - no overspray or paint running under the tape), masked off the rest using crepe tape and old newspapers and sprayed using some cheap textile-paints and a 0.4mm nozzle airbrush - after that iron to fixate, that's it. Here are the results:

The stencils are the official "Mustang running pony", which i sourced from here as a eps. The silhouette of the car is of a 67(?) Ford Mustang (fastback) and are sourced from here - in case you also wanna do one.