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Saber Lion Plush

Roar~ I'm a lion!

Finally, I'm back with another plushie post ^__^/ (Ow.. the applet thing finished uploading o_o!) I made this plushie for halcy's birthday and did it just in time but I'm pleased with the result ^^. This post is for roBernd who asked for pictures since halcy's too reserved to do so :p


Bookbinding is fun!

As i sometimes like to tinker on stuff that i totally don't know about. This time it was bookbinding. Turnes out its easier than you might think. All you might want is some basic garage workshop material you probably already have at home, some glue, your PDF to print and some time - only about a hour. It's really fun, really easy and the results are great.

So, please come in and read the actual Article/Tutorial :P.


AmiAmi.com RSS

Maybe some of you like figures (as in figmas, nendos, etc.) and know www.AmiAmi.com - which is a great shop. It just poses one problem - it offers no RSS feed that allows you to stay up to date to whether items get available, get into preorder or are restocked. So you may miss the item you want due to the completely crazy japanese habit of buying everything that was just restocked out in mere hours.

As we have also been disstatisfied with that we wrote a parser for AmiAmi that creates a RSS feed. You may also subscribe it, it's update twice a day at 16:00 and 04:00 Europe/Berlin time every day. You can find it on:


Maybe it'll help you harvesting the Otaku loot you want :P.


Itazura Neko Coin Bank

First seen on alafista.com that the preorder was open for these coin banks on Strapya. I couldn't resist getting one because the instant I saw this, I knew this is (and ever will be) the most awesome coin bank ever produced by mankind. You can still get it here :3 and it will make a great gift for children and adults alike.

Edit: They are again available at Strapya or at Play-Asia too!


Sudoh-Bucks Mug (svg inside)

Be awed by the Christmas present from roBernd we got 😀 (Thanks again! It's great, I always use it when I'm in front of the computer which means.. a lot.) It's the Sudoh-Bucks mug from ToraDora!. Unfortunately we dropped one 🙁 when it was still in it's package. Hey, roBernd, if you're on your way to make more, give us a call xD


Random Image Post: No Smoked Cheese

For all the Mahjong players out there~ 🙂 Others won't get the joke anyway. xD

Brought to you by Hatchune Miku and Churuya.


Portal Level Warning Signs

Download ]

The first svg vector resource 😀 Wheee~! (I created the category along with it) After I overwhelmed the initial troubles with using Inkscape, it has become quite fun making and tracing vector images. They are easy to make and hey, you can print them on shirts for showing the whole world too! I'd recommend you make yourself familiar with Inkscape if you haven't done so. You could just search for a shirt you like on Spreadshirt of course and just buy it but it's more awesome (and you don't have to pay more :p) if you make it yourself. I always use Spreadshirt to let them make my shirts, granted. But the "you can only upload three vector files" really annoys me. >:(


Mahjong counting sticks

As you may have read in the last article we've been playing mahjong recently. As we have nice tiles but no counting sticks and the only nice counting sticks we've found amazon.com were just too much shipping (6$ product, 49$ shipping, yay!) we thought we just make them ourselves as well.


Companion Cube Plushie

So this is what I've been hiding for two months from NebuK (which was given to him as a birthday gift): a Weighted Companion Cube plushie from the game Portal. Literally everyone who has played that level is infatuated with this cube... I mean, it has pink hearts all over! And you have to carry it through the whole level. It just has to grow on you. Unfortunately, I don't have any progress pictures. It has been hard enough hiding and making it without someone noticing who lives in the same room. Hey, for once I'm proud that I managed. Couldn't help that our friends and maybe everyone in university knew about it since I did most of the work while lectures (NebuK was sick in bed at those two days ^^;).


Mahjong ruleset, TeXed

As we've been playing more and more Mahjong (not the solitair version, the real thing) recently and just stumbeled upon #mahjong in rizon where we got linked a really really nice ruleset, here i though ... well, wouldn't it be nice to have this as a booklet printout so you can check the rules or yaku right at the table if you're unsure.

Okay, so after almost two days of fighting with XeLaTeX to get nice unicode support and fighting defoma for getting a nice font its finally done!

You can fetch the PDF here, the booklet printing (just print it, fold the whole stack in the middle (short-edge oriented) and staple it together) version as postscript is available here.

Also note that there might be a few mistakes due to the hardcore TeX action in the typesetting, feel free to report those to me to get 'em fixed. For errors in the original document please contact the original author or me.

I hope you're having your fun playing with those rule sheets, i hope they came out nicely :P. For a nice, short yaku overview just surf up here.