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Awesome Smiley Plushie


Hell yes!

Hey! Eefi again with more plushie goodness. It' even moar awesome than evar!

Oh God, this has to be the most disturbing plushie I've ever made...

I made this plushie for a friend as a Xmas gift so this post is published now (I know you've following our feed, roBernd :p). Do not miss to make this one for next Christmas for a dear friend! They will be stunned for sure (make them absorb some of the internet culture before if they aren't geeks already)!


What you'll need: Use fluffy yellow cloth (25 cm x 50 cm), get white, black, dark purple and pink felt. If you have leftover fabric in the matching colors that's fine too.

The awesome smiley is just made of a sphere. Since I've written a throughout description of this pattern already (see here), just use the instructions there. Except for that it'll be bigger (remember: it's dimensions for the smiley are: 25 x 50 cm) and it'll be yellow this time.

Preparing to sew


Trimming the first two sides

Trimming the first two sides





Almost there! Cut out the face from felt. Use this svg file, print it on paper and use it as a template 🙂

Me being curious how it will look like

Me being curious how it will look like

Before glueing on the parts

Before glueing on the parts

If you care, you can sew on the features instead of just glueing but I was rather lazy here :p

:awesome: !

:awesome: !

Mr. Saturn does not look pleased...

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  1. 😀 <– 😀

    Looks great… That caused me to have a crazy idea: Instead of making the smiley small and spherical you would make it bigger, but thinner and still circular… So that it can be used as a pillow cover, that is big enough to support one of those small pillows, that usually lie around on sofas. That way you can have your sofa decorated with a smiley collection.

    That idea caused Kaz to ask, why I don't recommend a tetris block pillow collection…

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