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GNU/Linux iPhone Sync – Wireless! Funambol error -1, yay!

I recently got me a iPhone for tinkering, development (i've got a few nice ideas) and general nerdism. I've run into a few problems syncing my PIM (stuff like Contacts, Tasks, etc.) - especially since i use GNU/Linux which is no platform to run iTunes. Pictures and Music is no Problem as gtkpod and the like support the iPhone. Just the important stuff does not work out nicely.


Plushies, tons of

Plushies, everybody loves plushies

Plushie Collection 1

So we've been busy sewing a few of them. Unfortunately we haven't quite gotten to the idea of blogging and being all Web 2.0 at the first plushies, so no pictures of them.

Okay so what do we have here?


OC Bunny

Bunny Plushie Header

My first selfmade plushie pattern turned out to be the original character bunny-thingie of a friend. (Hey, I don't have any website to link back to give you credit! If I see you again sometime I'll gladly give this one to you.) This first try actually turned out all right, so here's my first tutorial.


Ladder Stitch

You're going to use this stitch many times if you make plushies, usually used for closing after you've stuffed them. It's made of awesome. I plan to write a more detailed description this stitch in the future but these pictures have to suffice for now. You can google it in the meantime.


Like this (click for bigger picture). And pull every few stitches.


It'll close magically!